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The Royal Brow Pencil

A new addition to the family! Our Royal Brow Pencils for creating and defining the perfect brow look. 

The Royal Brow Pencil is specially designed to make your routine as easy as possible. The micro adjustable tip allows you to create any brow look you want; from sleek defined brows to fluffy playful brows.  

The Royal Brow Pencil is waterproof and smudge-proof for 12-hour long hold, available in four universal shades.  

To give your eyebrow look even more hold and volume, after the Royal Brow Pencil, use our Royal Brow Gel as the final step. A transparent gel that will keep your brows in place all day without feeling sticky or flaky! The light, transparent formula also allows you to use it on its own.  

The Royal Brow Pencil is available in the following shades: 

  1. Neutral Blonde 
  2. Warm Brown 
  3. Medium Brown 
  4. Soft Black