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About us

Brand with a story

About the name Queen Tarzi

The name Queen Tarzi is not a random choice. Named after the powerful woman Soraya Tarzi, who was the Afghan Queen in the nineteenth century. As the wife of King Amanullah, she ruled Afghanistan for three years. In a society and era where women were seen as minorities, this beauty fearlessly stood up as a champion of women’s rights and women’s education. Never again has Afghanistan known such a talented, powerful and progressive QUEEN as Soraya Tarzi.

About the founder  

As a little girl, Manizha Nabizada was forced to leave Afghanistan due to the war. She and her family came to the Netherlands as refugees when she was 12 years old. Determined to make the most out of the opportunities here, she fought a tough fight to build a life and business from scratch. 

This was the foundation on which she created the Manizha as we all know her now as the founding Mother of Queen Tarzi: strong, a go-getter, humble, empowering and grateful.Her love for the Netherlands and the love for embracing the Manizha that she has become, is the driving force behind everything that she does. LOVE and gratefulness being the magic words.

Even in the 21st century, there is still a lot of work to be done in the field of women empowerment. For Manizha, the beauty industry is THE platform to continue the work of Soraya Tarzi and to make women feel like a DAMN QUEEN. That’s when, in 2016, the vegan luxury beauty brand Queen Tarzi was born. All products by Queen Tarzi are aimed to carry on the legacy of Soraya Tarzi and to convey her values to modern day women.

Queen Tarzi's Philosophy

Manizha puts all her love in her brand and her iconic beauty products to make you feel like the QUEEN that you are. And LOVE cannot be created in a factory. Sometimes it’s real and hard, but always authentic, pure and magical. This makes Queen Tarzi different from all the other vegan beauty brands out there. 

Queen Tarzi Cosmetics, is the LOVE and FREEDOM giving back to women.

LOVE for giving back to society for granting chances in life

LOVE for animals not to harm them for beauty

LOVE for empowerment of individuals

LOVE for every type of women

LOVE for freedom of speech

LOVE for being able to be kind to yourself in every way

LOVE for equality

Queen Tarzi foundation & events

Out of LOVE, we regularly organize events and meetings. Like “For Women by Women,” for instance. This business event is especially aimed at enterprising women, where they get the opportunity to network, attend presentations of motivational speakers and take the first steps towards realizing their dream careers.  

The non-profit foundation Queen Tarzi & friends is our way of giving back to society and humanity. With the money we raised we are currently building wells in Afghanistan and continue to help refugees and war victims.  

Any ideas about how we can contribute in other ways? Hit us up at