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Long lasting, 100% waterproof and intensely pigmented: Our PWR Lipliner! This creamy lip pencil cares and is easy to apply. But make no mistake, because just like your long-term goals, this lip liner stays in place and will not budge for anything!
Apply confidence, femininity, success and divinity to your lips and watch a world open up for you!

The PWR Lipliner is a real life changer :

  • The liner is waterproof;
  • Stays on beautifully all day;
  • Contains Jojoba Oil to nourish the lips. 

The PWR Lipliner is everything you want and available in a variety of shades: 

  • Successful: Terracotta nude
  • Confident: Deep warm brown 
  • Feminist: Nude pink
  • Divine: Mauve pink 

Queen Tarzi tip
 For extra voluminous lips, first use the Queen Tarzi Lipliner on the outer edge of your lips and smudge that out with a lip brush or your fingers. Then apply the PWR gloss and/or PWR lips for glamorous lips.