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Looking for fake lashes you can use every day? The  eyelashesNora give you a natural, but full look.

The eyelashes can be used at least 20 times if used properly. For the best result we recommend to stick the lashes with the Queen Tarzi® glue and the Queen Tarzi® lashapplicator.


How to use them eyelash extensions?

We created a very handy HOW TO VIEWS Watch it here. If you want to see it step by step in words, just read on:

    1. Remove the luxury eyelashes carefully from the packaging;

    1. Cut them to the right length, so they are perfect for your eye shape;

    1. Use the Queen Tarzi lash applicator;

    1. First attach the centre before gluing the sides;

    1. Merge the lashes with your own lashes;

    1. Just press and go!

Removing the extensions

Removing the luxury eyelashes is just as easy as applying them. Carefully pull the lashes from the outside inwards. This way you remove the whole lash. Remove the remaining glue and put the lashes back in the packaging, so you can use them again tomorrow!

Features of the luxury eyelashes

The Queen Tarzi luxury eyelashes are suitable for daily use, so never again a day without a natural, but radiant look. We would like to summarise all the characteristics for you:


    • Suitable for all eye shapes;

    • Hypoallergenic;

    • Cruelty-free;

    • Vegan;

    • Does not contain any colourings;

    • Lightweight;

    • Reusable at least 20 times.