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Premium Eye Pencil: Onyx Black

Your Best-in-Class Vegan Luxury Multipurpose eye pencil. Go for an on fleek eyeliner look or a gorgeous smokey eye. Infinite possibilities with just 1 pencil and an extreme long-lasting formula.

- Long lasting.
- Smudge proof, waterproof, fool proof.
- Perfection of the kohl ingredient formula: it is super smudgy and soft, but at the same time firm enough to draw powerful lines .
- A deep and very intense color pigmentation.
- Works perfectly with the eyeshadow palette GRL PWR.
- Vegan & Cruelty-Free.

A how-to-apply-hack :
Use the eye pencil however you like, but if you want to go for a blended eye look, pay attention now. Make sure you smudge the kohl line within 20 seconds of application. After 20 seconds, the eye pencil color invariably stays on your eyelid. And we really mean: invariably.